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Mom's are the real deal. We all couldn't be here without them (quite literally). But in so many ways they are the rock of our lives from babes to adults. I love that we have a week to pause and change the focus onto celebrating and thanking these women that make the world go around! Today's feature highlights 5 #girlbosses who are rocking both their businesses and motherhood. Get ready for some raw & encouraging mompreneur advice and some motherhood inspiration!Momprenuer Momprenuer

Meet Sonja of A Couple Cooks

Website | Instagram Mompreneur Advice: Lighten up on yourself! Running a business and being a mama is a huge gift AND responsibility, so make sure to give yourself a ton of grace. Also, find a schedule that works for you! Fitting in work during nap times and a few hours after bedtime is a good balance for me--and getting childcare for a day or two per week has been revolutionary! I still get tons of time with my little but am able to stay productive during the week so I can have mostly free time on the weekends. I also set very tangible and realistic time goals on my tasks to keep myself focused--this keeps me away from procrastinating time that I'd rather be spending with my son!

Motherhood Inspiration & Resources: 
Coffee + Crumbs has a great website and podcast for mamas; I also wrote an essay about my motherhood journey there.
Here's all our favorite baby gear!
The Whole-Brain Child is my husband Alex and my favorite parenting book. MomprenuerMomprenuer

Meet Morgan of The Crafter's Box

Website | Instagram Mompreneur Advice: love that my children see me living my passion and building something that I'm so proud of in my business. They see that balance isn't always easy (and often lopsided) but that it's possible to be both a dedicated momma as well as an entrepreneur who loves her business. Our children will aspire to be what they see - seeing mom work (and also do preschool pick up and park time) means a lot to me. Building balance is something we all have to work towards as moms, it's so important. Sometimes as a mom, you have to give yourself a break too - because you work really, really hard :).

Motherhood Inspiration & Resources: 
Community. It's so important to seek out and cultivate relationships with other mommas in similar stages of the journey. They could be moms from the park or working moms in your office or through a local business group. When I first moved to my current city (San Diego) ten years ago, I was encouraged to join an organization called Women in Business and it made a world of a difference in meeting fellow women on a similar journey.

Meet Stephanie of Copper Pearl

Website | Instagram Mompreneur Advice: 
Being a mompreneur is the best thing ever and such a privilege. You get to do two of the coolest jobs ever, at the same time! But it can be completely overwhelming too--you can run yourself ragged with all the constant demands of both running your business and being the best mama for your children. It sounds obvious, but I think it works best to put the most important things first and then everything else falls into place. I’ve come to realize that each day can look different and that’s okay. It works well for me to have different goals and focuses daily. Some days I’m supermom. Some days my house looks great and I cook dinner. Some days I’m rocking the business stuff. I think it all evens out! It’s impossible to be great at everything all the time, and it relieves stress and pressure once I remind myself of that. Also, I'm all for hiring help, both in the business and on the home-front. I'm a control freak so this has been hard for me, but it's been a game-changer. For our business, I do the things I enjoy the most and the things that have the most impact, and then I get help for the rest. Same thing at home! I get help with cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc. so that I can focus my time on actually being with my kids. Oh and I crank out as much as I can during my kids' naptime and after they're in bed! That's when most of the magic happens.
  Motherhood Inspiration & Resources:  I love the idea that we're doing better than we think we are. And I believe strongly that we're the right mother for our particular children--they're sent to us for a reason, and we know the best way to be their moms. That may look different than the way other parents do things, and that's okay!
this little wandering

Meet Kayla of This Little Wandering

Website | Instagram Mompreneur Advice:  Okay, confession this is taking me a moment because I don’t think I think of myself as a “mompreneur” or even running a business… I mean I know I am, but when I get down to it I struggle labeling myself as a business owner. So on that note, the only advice I think I have to offer is to be authentic to who you are. My business is sharing our photos and stories and working with brands to share their products and stories in a way that is authentic. The business world, especially for mothers, can feel very competitive and fake in many ways. At the end of the day your greatest value and strength is just being yourself and bringing that to your business. I find I am doing the best when I am sharing myself for who I am and not apologizing for my flaws or trying to hide the fact that; yes, I am a mother juggling home life with my business. Instead, I try to just own the messiness and chaos and “real life” which brings a rawness and truth to my content that can’t be duplicated or faked.  The only advice I have is be yourself…your whole self the mom side, the business side, all of it and bring that to your business as the strength that it is.  
Motherhood Inspiration & Resources: My current favorite inspirations for motherhood are actually a couple Instagram accounts that I follow. Check out @christine_simplybloom and, They are a couple of mothers that regularly post real-life moments and I love following for inspiration and authenticity.
Momprenuer Momprenuer


Meet Alyssa of Plenty Lifestyle

Website | Instagram Mompreneur Advice: 
First, the most important thing with this whole Mompreneur thing is to have a sense of humor about as much as possible! Laughing does wonders for being a Mompreneur! As a single mom of 4 (ages 16, 14, 8, & 6), my advice is to try to stay as calm, balanced, and sane as possible! We are Human & No Mama can do it ALL! Learn to ask for help from family and friends. Finding “my tribe” has helped me as a business owner and Mom. Be good to yourself!  Self-care and self-love have been key for me in helping with balance.  My goal in opening Plenty was to show my children that through Faith, Purpose, & Passion that they can do anything! I want to inspire my children to follow their heart & dreams! Motherhood Inspiration & Resources:  My biggest inspiration for motherhood is my children! They inspire me every single day to be the best mom that and the best person that I can be! My mother and my maternal grandmother have always been a wonderful inspiration to me for Motherhood! I am so blessed to have absolutely phenomenal friends in my life! They believe in me, support me, encourage me, lift me up, love me unconditionally, help and inspire me! I am so grateful to have such a beautiful tribe! I could not be a mompreneur without my friends and parents!
Momprenuer Meet Danielle of Joonie

Website | Instagram Mompreneur Advice:  Growing a business alongside growing a family has shown a lot of similarities!  The most helpful one to me has been the fact that no business is the same, just like no family is the same.  In both cases, I want all the advice and I read all the how-to's and those are helpful but in the end, nobody can tell me exactly what to do or what will work for us.  Every day is an experiment and sometimes it works and it's exciting and other days it's a lesson learned the hard way! To anyone in a similar position as me- raising a young family and growing a business - I would say to embrace the uncertainty and make decisions that feel good to you for your business just like you do for your children.  It's easy to look around and feel pressure to do it a certain way but I've been surprised at my natural instincts and I've tried hard to stick to them. Motherhood Inspiration & Resources:  I was raised by a mother who lived for being a mom.  She's one of those people who loved being pregnant and can never remember us FIVE children ever doing a bad thing.  "You were all just so sweet!" :)  So she is a huge inspiration to me of a mom who was happy, available, nurturing, and fun.  I also love listening to talks, books, and podcasts about motherhood - I recently discovered the podcast 3 in 30 takeaways for moms that I'm loving!  The episode about raising confident children with Marilyn Faulkner was really inspiring to me. Check it out here! :)


Meet Megan of The Vegan Mom

Website | Instagram Mompreneur Advice: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve looked forward to being a mom. It wasn’t until I became one that I realized, it’s not as easy as it looks! I’m constantly in the struggle of making sure I set enough time aside for Teddy Graham and my husband Sean. I want them to know and feel that I’m present and make sure they understand how much they are loved. If there is anything I’ve learned it’s that it is a 24-7 balancing act and I fail A LOT. There are some days where everything seems to run smoothly, but more often than not it feels like a tornado inside my head or house. Between running Teddy Graham to Kindermusik or Tumbling, shooting or wrapping up projects for the blog, and balancing 5 pets, my son and Sean, there’s no such thing as a slow day. Mixing business and family can be a struggle. I definitely have moments when I have to set aside time specifically for each – like shutting off my phone during family time or having Sean take Graham and the dogs out to play while I knock out some solid work hours. But when it’s appropriate, I incorporate Graham into my projects and it can make it a little hectic and chaotic, but the memories I have of us tasting new vegan restaurants or making vegan-friendly recipes in the kitchen are some of my favorites! Every day is a balancing act and I believe the real super-moms are the ones that can admit when it’s hard and learn and grow from it.

  Motherhood Inspiration & Resources: My favorite thing that has helped me transition my family into a Vegan Lifestyle is our Meal Delivery service, Purple Carrot. They are plant-based recipes with 100% wholesome fresh and perfectly portioned ingredients in every box. Each week we get it delivered to our front door with menus featuring an outstanding array of plant-based recipes. Purple Carrot has helped us try an array of vegan-friendly foods we never thought were possible, all while staying healthy!



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